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Wednesday, May 06, 2015
CEP Panels - About Petrarch
About Petrarch

Petrarch architectural panels combine the aesthetic appeal of slate or natural stone with the design flexibility afforded by a lightweight large panel format. The panels are completely homogeneous, highly consolidated, with through color and will not delaminate or decay under any conditions. They have a hard, impact resistant surface with low moisture absorption producing a low maintenance finish suitable for both interior and exterior use.

Petrarch panels have an indefinite life and are highly resistant to the effects of natural exposure, climatic extremes, and atmospheric pollution. This has been confirmed by accelerated tests in a weatherometer, and natural exposure on buildings for over 30 years. In all instances, the properties of Petrarch panels are substantially unchanged. 

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  • Natural Colors, textures, and appearance
  • Homogeneous through color
  • High strength and impact resistance
  • Vandal and graffiti resistant
  • ISO 9001 accredited
  • Does not require specialist installation skills
  • Highly resistant to climate extremes
  • New construction or retrofit
  • Interior or exterior applications
  • Low maintenance easy to clean finish
  • Compliments other building finishes
  • Designated Class A fire rating
  • Will not delaminate or decay
  • Proven life expectancy in excess of 30 years
  • ASTM test results

Typical Applications

  • Facade cladding, fascias, and soffits
  • Store fronts, balcony facings
  • Equipment / roof screen enclosures
  • Insulated window infill panels
  • Spandrel and curtain wall infill panels
  • Exhibition displays
  • Signage backgrounds
  • Interior wall panels and wainscoting

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Long Lasting
Exposure to a variety of weather conditions and temperature extremes on actual installations have proven the durability of the panels, which can endure in excess of 30 years with little change in physical properties.

Easy Cleanup
No routine maintenance is required with Petrarch panels. The unique properties of Petrarch panels ensure that most graffiti can be easily removed with soap and water or the proper solvents.

Flexible Fabrication
Standard fabrication, such as cutting, drilling and edge mitering, can be done at our factory, at local fabrication facilities and/or at the job site. Petrarch panels have a unique homogeneous formulation that allows you to cut them in arched designs or groove, engrave or bevel them. We can also create prefabricated bonded inside or outside corners.


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